Support Healthy Weight Goals

Heading into summer is always a great time to refocus our health goals. Committing to a new morning routine and get up that little bit earlier to get in some morning exercise now it’s lighter, can be a game changer. It could be a yoga class or a brisk walk outside, then it just feels […]

Are you an emotional eater? How to support healthy eating

Whether it is because you are feeling stressed, tired, lonely, bored, or even happy; emotional eating happens when we use food to encourage or reinforce positive emotions to make ourselves feel good – eating to satisfy emotions rather than physical hunger. Experts suggest that 75% of overeating is caused by an attempt to satisfy our […]

你应该离开办公桌去吃午餐的 9 个理由

It’s tempting to stay put at your desk for lunch, especially when you have plenty of work to do. However, it is well worth it to step out of the office, or even just out of your chair. 1. You will come back in a better mood.  Stepping out for a walk in the summer […]


Hands up who likes the feeling of a bloated tummy! No one? Exactly. Read on to hear our naturopaths explain what causes bloating and our top tips for beating that dreaded feeling. 1. Chew your food thoroughly.  Sometimes the oldest tricks in the book are there for a reason. The first step for better digestion […]


眼睛疲劳吗?您可以在这里收听该文章的自动化 AI 版本:我们都听说过益生菌,甚至益生元,但后生元呢?这只是一次利用“生物热潮”进行交易的尝试,还是有坚实的科学依据证明后生元支持消化和免疫健康的潜力?让我们找出...内容[...]


Straining your eyes? You can listen to this automated AI version of the article here: Right now, there are more than 5,000 species of bacteria living within your gut! In fact, the intestinal microbiota is a delicate, and individual, balance of bacteria, archaea, viruses, protists, and fungi. Made up of seemingly beneficial and not-so-beneficial microbes, […]




椰子油不仅用于烹饪;您肯定听说过椰子油对您的健康有惊人的好处。当然,它是 100% 天然纯净的,但它真的像宣传的那样吗?好吧,我们有几个理由可能会让您认真考虑在日常生活中加入椰子油。 […]