Autumn Equinox by Goodhealth

Autumn Equinox

August 31, 2023

There are only two days throughout the year where the earth's "circadian rhythm" is in perfect balance, where day and night are an equal length of time. It is at the beginning of spring, and the beginning of autumn. You may have already noticed that the mornings are getting darker, and as we move away from summer and into the season of autumn, many of us are feeling like it is time to slow down. The arrival of autumn is time for us to nourish ourselves and reflect on the things that serve us, and things that don’t. As you notice the season changing, make time for yourself, and instead of wishing for summer, welcome the possibilities that autumn will bring.


Summer is a season of outward energy. Long days spent with friends or family at the beach or around the barbeque can do wonders for your complexion, but it can leave your energy and health feeling depleted. As autumn arrives, it is the perfect time to shift your energy inwards. Focus on balance and realignment. Reflect on your new year resolutions, what have you done that you are proud of? And how have things grown and evolved over the year already? Practise gratitude for anything you put energy into over the last few months, so that you can make room for new experiences that will unfold over the rest of the year. You may want to spend time reflecting on what no longer serves you, old patterns, habits, and relationships. Reflection not only supports our mental health but helps us to create the life that we want to be living. 


The items you surround yourself with are an expression of who you are. Simplify the space you spend time in, to reflect what you would like to focus on the most. Surround yourself with fond memories, add some vibrant greenery into your bathroom, and write a favourite quote and stick it on the fridge. By surrounding yourself with the things that provide fresh inspiration, you will create a positive mindset that add a sparkle into each day.

Connect with nature

Autumn is a wonderful time to tend to your garden, so that you can enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables through the winter months. Tending to a garden is a good way to connect with nature like no other and can be a wonderful way to slow down and notice small, simple changes. Plant herbs in a few small clay pots or use planter boxes for larger vegetables. Eating seasonally is a wonderful way to be in synch with the earth’s rhythm. If you don’t have a garden growing at home, simply head to your local grocer or farmer’s market. Seasonal vegetables not only help to provide inspiration for our meals but, as additions to a healthy, animal-based diet, they help to top up the nutrients that are needed to support our bodies through the seasons. 

Autumn is also the perfect time to make some fermented vegetables and fruits. Ferments support gut microbial diversity, which may support immune system function in the winter. You can ferment pretty much any veggies, but the simplest thing to try first is sauerkraut – fermented cabbage. 

Provide emotional support

After the long summer days, it is easy to be left feeling lethargic, especially as we notice the days getting shorter and the temperatures cooling down. Our moods are affected by the change of seasons, and feeling low is very common during the winter months, especially when we are getting less sun and, therefore, less or no vitamin D. We should still be getting plenty of sunlight, even on cloudy days, as sunlight cues our hormones and supports our circadian rhythm – essential for restorative sleep and good health. Creating a routine is a great way to make sure you are filling your cup with things you enjoy. Ensure you are exercising, spending time outside, seeing the sunrise and sunset, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep. Then create a routine around these things. Just like any other skill, we need to work at supporting our mental and emotional health so that we stay happy and healthy.

Just as trees release their leaves to make room for new growth, Autumn is a wonderful time to do the same in our lives. Making simple changes to your world, will provide the nourishment you need after the warm summer months, to ensure your mind and body are well supported before we head into winter.