Product Range

Busy lifestyles mean we often don’t have as much time to dedicate to self-care as we would like. When you’re not feeling at your best, or you simply need a pick-me-up your body will love, Good Health can help. Our extensive product range incorporates a myriad of different ingredients to target every area of your body.


Beauty with Good Health starts from the inside, featuring the Imaglow™ range, providing advanced marine collagen with additional antioxidants and nutrients, in either capsules or a powder.

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Bee Products

Our Manuka honey and bee products and supplements are well known for their unique properties.

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Colostrum & Milk

Our premium quality colostrum and milk products are sourced from healthy pasture-fed dairy cows and goats.

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Digestion & Detox

Cleanse, detox and improve digestion with our range of supplements for a healthier you. 

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Eye Health

See the world a little clearer with our range of eye health vitamins and supplements. See More >

Heart and Circulation

Be more heart-focused with our range of heart and circulation support supplements.

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Immune Support

Boost your immunity with our range of supplements with Viralex every-day immune booster and fast-acting Viralex Attack.

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Joint & Bone Health

Our range of joint and bone health supplements with targeted antioxidant protection and tired muscle relief from our turmeric supplements.

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Naturally sourced from New Zealand’s coastal waters and packed with good health, our range of marine nutrients and supplements have been formulated for healthier joints, skin, and immune systems with powerful antioxidants.

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Brain Support

The Good Health range of mind products and supplements have been designed to help you think clearer by supporting the healthy functioning of your brain.

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Men's Health

Live with more vigour with the Good Health Vigor Deer Velvet supplement that combines high quality New Zealand deer delvet with Siberian ginseng, bee pollen and zinc.

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Nutritional Oils

Enjoy our range of nutritional oils and supplements for good health with marine or plant-sourced oils and capsules for the whole family, including fish oils with Omega 3.

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Stress, Sleep & Mood

Feel better, sleep better and de-stress with the specially prepared Good Health range.

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Essential nutrients that support the body’s energy production. Advanced delivery system of an orally dissolving tablets for fast absorption for vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and vitamin D3.

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The one and only Viralex range includes traditional herbs and nuritients such as high strength olive leaf and scientifically researched EpiCor® that starts working within 2 hours.

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Weight Management

Our slimming range of specifically formulated supplements to help with more effective weight management that includes Garcinia Cambogia and Synetrim Slim.

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Women's Health

All about women with this specifically formulated range of women’s health products and pregnancy supplements.

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Kid’s supplements specifically formulated for the younger members of the family to taste good with no artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or flavours.

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