Cycle Balance by Goodhealth
Cycle Balance

Cycle Balance

Hormonal balance
Period comfort
Regular menstrual cycle
Premenstrual comfort

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Product Overview

Good Health Cycle Balance is a unique blend of herbs designed for women of reproductive age, that work synergistically at scientifically researched doses, to support a healthy menstrual cycle and hormonal balance. Cycle Balance also supports the nervous system, liver, thyroid, and adrenals for period and premenstrual comfort, and a healthy mood and reproductive function.

Recommended For

Hormonal support
Period and premenstrual comfort support
Mood support
Preconception care

Pack Size

60 Tablets


Ingredients: per tablet
Herbal extract dry concentrates:

Angelica polymorpha (Dong quai) root ext.
(Equiv. Angelica polymorpha root dry – 2000mg)


Bupleurum falcatum (Bupleurum) root ext.
(Equiv. Bupleurum falcatum root dry – 3000mg)


Paeonia lactiflora (Chinese peony) root ext.
(Equiv. Paeonia lactiflora root dry – 3000mg)


Zingiber officinale (Ginger) root (rhizome) ext.
(Equiv. Zingiber officinale root dry – 1000mg)


Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Liquorice) root (stolon)
(Equiv. Glycyrrhiza uralensis root dry – 1000mg)


Laminaria japonica (Japanese Kelp) whole plant ext.
(Equiv. Laminaria japonica whole plant dry – 100mg)
(Equiv. Iodine – 100mcg)


Contains tableting aids

No added gluten, egg, dairy, yeast, soy, wheat, or artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, or preservatives.


Adults: Take 1 tablet daily with food or as professional advised.
Recommended to be taken for at least three menstrual cycles.

Cautions / Contradictions

If taking the oral contraceptive pill check with your healthcare provider.
If hypertensive or on hypertension medication check with your healthcare provider.
If on warfarin check with your healthcare provider.
Contains Iodine: If on thyroid medication check with your healthcare provider.
Not suitable for pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Suitable for vegans

TAPS Approval No: PP2509

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