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Supporting Our Kids, the Natural Way

March 9, 2023

We all want our kids to grow up resilient, happy and healthy and although the last few years have been fairly disruptive to say the least, it’s hopefully taught our kids that they are adaptable. Some of our younger Kiwi kids hadn’t even had a full year in the classroom until 2022! Their first experience of school was partly in the classroom, partly at home via Zoom and plenty of free time as their parents tried to juggle working from home and home-schooling. Along the way they may have picked up from their parents first-hand how to handle stress, or not handle it. If we can teach our kids how to handle stress, they will be more resilient as adults.

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  1. Quick Tips for Kids to Release Stress (And Parents Too!)
  2. Quick Tips for Kids Immune Support

Quick Tips for Kids to Release Stress (And Parents Too!)

  1. Deep belly breathes; breath in for a count of 4 and blow out for a count of 6…like they are slowly blowing out birthday candles. Do three or four rounds of this to help calm the nervous system.
  2. Go outside barefoot in the grass. This is a practice of grounding which can be very calming.
  3. Go outside and play; shoot some hoops, kick a ball, or do some handstands.
  4. Scream into a pillow; this can really release that pent up energy.
  5. Have a cuddle with mum or dad or the family pet. When there is close caring contact there is a release of oxytocin, our love and connection hormone.
  6. One of the minerals that may get depleted during times of stress is magnesium. Not only do our kids need magnesium to support their growing body but if they have been a bit stressed with friend issues, homework problems or exams then it can be a good idea to consider talking with your healthcare professional about possible supplementation.

Support your kids with Good Health

Goodhealth Magnesium Kidsis a yummy berry flavoured chewable tablet with no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives. Magnesium is vital for every cell in growing bodies, supports kids during growth spurts, can help soothe muscle tension and supports well-being which can help to calm and relax busy minds and bodies for a restful night’s sleep. This is why its super important to provide essential nutrients through the diet. Getting our kids to eat the nutritious foods that contain all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow is always our first port of call. Examples of foods that contain magnesium that kids are likely to eat include nuts and seeds, wholegrains, bananas, avocado, even a little bit of dark chocolate and get some spinach in there too if you can!

If however support with a magnesium supplement is considered necessary, Magnesium Kids also contains vitamins C, D and Zinc to help support developing strong bones, and is suitable for children four years old and up. Between the ages of 4 and 13 years old, children go through rapid growth; not just physical but cognitive and emotional growth. Magnesium is commonly used as gentle support to help soothe restlessness and support a restful night’s sleep. Rest & recovery is an essential part of maintaining a healthy immune system and for general wellbeing. Our kid’s wellbeing is intrinsically linked to how they engage at school and their ability to learn, so by supporting their nutrient levels we are supporting how our kids to grow, not just in size but in confidence and self-esteem so they can do more of what they love.

One thing that can get in the way of doing all the fun things is being sick. Getting back into the classroom has been a double-edge sword; on one hand the kids love being with their friends again and learning, but on the other they are more likely to pick up bugs and get sick. And as we all know, now when there is the smallest sign of a sniffle they’d have to stay home, not like the old days when they would be packed off to school with a box of tissues in their school bag.

Getting the kids outdoors helps to build up their immune system especially when they are also having fun and even getting dirty! Not only can this be a great stress reliever, sunshine is also important for vitamin D levels- another contributor toward a healthy immune system. Obviously this should also be done in a sun smart way to ensure no-one gets burnt.
Another way to support kids’ immune systems is to consider Goodhealth’s Viralex Kids Immune Chews; they contain the ingredient Wellmune® which was specifically researched on children. It helps supports the immune system and also contains vitamin C and zinc. Presented as a yummy natural berry flavoured chewable tablet, it has no added nasties and kids love the taste!

Quick Tips for Kids Immune Support

  1. Getting outside in the fresh air to play regularly, in nature is even better.
  2. Daily exercise, do something as a family too.
  3. Eating a variety of vegetables and fruit, it can take up to 12 tastes before they decide they like a particular food sometimes, so persevere. A little bit of fibre is great for feeding the good gut bugs too.
  4. Make sure to add animal protein and fat to every meal, needed for growing bodies and minds.
  5. Stay hydrated with plain water.
  6. Wash hands regularly, especially before eating and after using the toilet.
  7. Getting some safe sunshine daily.
  8. Laughter! Play a fun family game (good for the adults too!)
  9. Lots of love and cuddles and a good night’s sleep.

Our resilient Kiwi kids will no doubt have a much better understanding of a good immune supporting habits than any of the adults did at their age, thanks to the last couple of years. They will be far more adaptable and can probably teach the parents a thing or two about how to reduce stress (pssst: just go outside and play parents!) Heading into a New Year we all have more tools to support each other so we can do more of what we love.

Not sure which supplement is right for you? Consult with your healthcare provider or give our friendly naturopaths’ a call on 0800-446634 for a complimentary, no-obligation 15-minute consult.

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Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Vitamins are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet. Goodhealth, Auckland.


Why is magnesium important for kids during times of stress?

Magnesium is important for kids during times of stress because it supports their growing bodies, soothes muscle tension, and supports a calm and relaxed state of mind for a restful night’s sleep.

What are some natural food sources of magnesium for kids?

Natural food sources of magnesium for kids include whole milk products, fish, shellfish, poultry, bananas, organic meats, dried fruit, and avocado.