Stiff joints? Time for extra strength, fast-acting turmeric. by Goodhealth

Stiff joints? Time for extra strength, fast-acting turmeric.

Tháng Mười 16, 2023

If you could stay mobile, what more could you do? You may think that question doesn’t need answering for another twenty years but the truth is that your ability to stay mobile can come under threat long before you’re long in the tooth. In fact, from as young as 30 the process of losing bone density and muscle mass begins. Meanwhile, years of wear and tear may already be taking its toll on joint cartilage. So, what can be done? Well, a lot, actually, from improving everyday health habits to supplementation. Before we get to that, let’s look at how joints work with one aspect given particular attention – synovial fluid.

Joint basics

To keep joints moving, various components all have to work together. Surrounding the joint you’ll find muscles, tendons and ligaments all providing important structural support. Lining joints you can expect cartilage and a synovial membrane which produces a lubricating synovial fluid. This fluid prevents joint cartilage wearing out. The problem is, as we age, we produce less synovial fluid than what we naturally break down, contributing to cartilage wear and a loss of mobility.

Stay on the move

If you think your cartilage is coming under attack, this next bit of advice may seem counter-intuitive: you may need to exercise more. That’s because increased physical activity can support weight management (a real problem for joints) muscular strength and the reduction of pressure placed on joints. Second, get good shut-eye. It’s thought that a lack of sleep causes unhealthy immune responses in the body, inhibiting physiological processes that are meant to be most active at this time. Thirdly, you might also want to try consuming collagen-rich meat, bone, and tendon broths. Collagen broths can support the production of new cartilage, as well as the immune response in the joints.

So, in summary, if you can stay active, keep it that way. And slumber as much as you can. AND drink collagen broths. Your joints will love you for it. 

Time for turmeric

There are many vitamins and minerals known to support joints, but few are as terrific as turmeric. This ancient spice’s powerful antioxidant qualities are relatively well understood and it’s certainly been the darling of natural joint support for a few years now. What’s less appreciated is the power behind it – curcumin, a powerful polyphenol that gives turmeric its distinctive yellow hue. Unfortunately, the curcumin content within turmeric is frustratingly low at only 2-6%. What’s more, curcumin’s bioavailability (the amount of active ingredient you absorb via the small intestines and/or that stays active in your system) is also low due to a notoriously poor absorption rate and fast metabolism in the liver. Pause for thought if you’re thinking of buying pot loads of turmeric to keep those joints on the move.

So, is there an easy way to get the curcumin you need at the right level? Yes, through turmeric supplementation but it pays to find a formula specifically designed with higher bioavailability and absorption rates in mind. We recommend Good Health Turmeric Extra Strength. As the name suggests, it’s formulated to give you a high dose of curcumin and it does this through CurcuWIN®, a unique biological delivery process that makes it more bioavailable than standard curcumin with a 46% higher absorption rate. This is why Good Health Turmeric Extra Strength is considered one of the more fast-acting formulas, always a good thing when you need support to get stiff joints on the move at a moment’s notice.

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Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Goodhealth Auckland.