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Support your adrenals during the silly season

Tháng Sáu 29, 2023

December is here and the mad rush is on! The mall is crazy with extra shoppers and jingle tunes and before you can say “Merry Christmas,” your adrenal glands are pumping, and stress hormone levels rise. Only one product you need on your wish list this year – something to support your adrenals. Ideally, something that is designed to support energy levels in the day, then sound sleep at night, and to meet the twenty-four-hour requirement of a demanding lifestyle, during a very busy holiday time.

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Herbs for Vitality and Wellbeing During the Holiday Season

There are specific herbs that can do just that. Siberian ginseng has been used for centuries, as a tonic in times of stress. It can support vital energy and stamina, potentially giving you the necessary zing to organise the family festivities and still feel like you are enjoying this special, but hectic time of year. Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb that acts as a support for the nervous system and that ‘tired but wired’ feeling, as you shop for gifts and cross off your never ending, ‘to do’ list. Holy basil, like its name, supports a sense of wellbeing, soothes nervous tension, and   supports mental alertness – a necessity when out and about on the roads during the holiday season.

For those late nights of getting last minute things organised and wrapping gifts, the herb, lemon balm, has a calming effect on the mood and is ideal for people prone to tiredness. Hops is another gentle herb for supporting sleep and energy. Cordyceps – a quick acting, adaptogenic herb, can help support the fast pace, as we wind down to the end of yet another year. Astragalus supports the immune system, as well as the body’s tolerance to ongoing, physical stress. 

As Christmas day approaches, and the pohutukawa trees flower and the sun sets late in the day, people often tend to overindulge. Combined with the stress of balancing end of year work deadlines and children at home, on school holiday, it’s important to support the effects of this physical and mental stress.

It’s a special time for family but also a reflective one – for creating a balance in life. So, while you’re shopping in your local health store or pharmacy, be sure to look out for something that can support your adrenals and get you through the craziness called, the “Christmas season.”




Why is it important to support the effects of physical and mental stress?

It is important to support the effects of physical and mental stress to maintain overall well-being, prevent burnout, and reduce the risk of stress-related health issues.

What are some common symptoms of adrenal fatigue or stress?

Some common symptoms of adrenal fatigue or stress include tiredness, difficulty in handling stress, disrupted sleep patterns, mood swings, decreased energy levels, and difficulty in focusing.