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Help Joints Stay Active

Tháng Tư 17, 2023

Stiff joints can affect mobility and quality of life. In many cases, wear and tear, particularly on the big, load-bearing joints - hips and knees, is blamed for lack of joint comfort; however, new research is suggesting that many are lacking the tools, for example, nutrition and sleep, to support the cartilage in recovering from every-day use. Immune health is also key when talking about joint health and cartilage integrity.

Undenatured Collagen – Type II (UC-II)

Multiple scientific studies have found that this unique collagen formulation supports cartilage and joint health by supporting the immune health of the joints. It does this by providing support to the immune system in the gut. This supports recovery from daily wear and tear on the most used joints.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Naturally occurring sugars found within the body and inside joint fluid; glucosamine and chondroitin are building blocks of cartilage. Cartilage is the absorbing tissue that forms the ends of bones in a joint, allowing for smooth movement. However, as we age cartilage can break down and become less flexible. There is evidence that glucosamine and chondroitin may slow down this process. Through the natural incorporation of sulphur into cartilage, glucosamine and chondroitin help to build, repair, and support joint comfort.

Calcium and Magnesium

It is essential that the body maintains high nutrient levels for healthy bones and joints because joints receive nutrients through the bones. Calcium and magnesium are strengthening minerals. Magnesium supports proper nerve function and calcium helps to maintain bone density and strength. Together, calcium and magnesium help the muscles surrounding the joints to contract and relax effectively for joint support and musculoskeletal function.


The active component of turmeric is curcumin, a potent antioxidant and immune support. Naturally protecting the body from oxidation and supporting a healthy immune response, turmeric supports joint comfort and the symptoms of tension and stiffness.

White willow

Used for over 2,000 years in traditional practice, there is a reason why white willow is still popular today. Extracted from the willow tree, white willow is a source of salicin, that works by supporting comfort levels in the muscular skeletal system.

Green lipped mussel extract

A native species only found in New Zealand waters; the green lipped mussel is prized for its support of joint health. Green lipped mussels are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are a natural source of glucosamine and mucopolysaccharides. Green lipped muscles lose their joint-supportive properties when cooked, so extracted forms are the best to add to your daily regimen.

Red Super Krill oil

Found in the pristine waters of the Antarctic Ocean, Krill oil is high in a phospholipid form of the omega 3s, EPA and DHA, that is highly bioavailable. Krill oil is sourced from a sustainable resource that is regulated by The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). The omega-3 found within Krill oil supports joint health, restoration, and mobility. Naturally rich in Astaxanthin, Krill oil provides potent antioxidant protection, protecting cell membranes free-radical damage for optimal health and wellbeing.
Having joint stiffness can be challenging. Whether you are stiff in the morning, or do not have the same mobility that you are used to, don’t suffer in silence. There are many ways that you can support your body. Don’t let stiff joints affect your health and wellbeing. Take control of your joint health, so that you can keep your joints active, and continue doing the things you love.


What are some common causes of stiff joints?

Stiff joints can often result from wear and tear, especially in major load-bearing joints like hips and knees. Lack of proper support, including nutrition and sleep, can also contribute to joint discomfort.

How do calcium and magnesium contribute to joint health?

Calcium and magnesium, essential minerals for healthy bones and joints, aid in maintaining bone density and strength. They also support proper nerve function and help the muscles surrounding the joints contract and relax effectively.