Liver Love for a Better Life:

Our bodies are exposed to toxins daily. We create waste in our bodies that we must detoxify and excrete, and we absorb toxins from our environment. These toxins can accumulate and cause significant health problems such as interfering with healthy lipid metabolism, impairing glucose management, reducing our thyroid function, and causing sex hormone imbalances. Our […]

Tips to reduce bloating

Hands up who likes the feeling of a bloated tummy! No one? Exactly. Read on to hear our naturopaths explain what causes bloating and our top tips for beating that dreaded feeling. 1. Chew your food thoroughly.  Sometimes the oldest tricks in the book are there for a reason. The first step for better digestion […]

Why most of us have low Omega-3 levels

Many people are aware of the numerous health benefits associated with omega-3 intake. Despite that, most of us have low omega-3 levels. Much of today’s modern diet is low in animal fats and therefore deficient in these essential fatty acids, which can lead to conditions related to joint and skin health, and conditions of the brain and […]

Postbiotics – the old, new kids on the block

Straining your eyes? You can listen to this automated AI version of the article here: We’ve all heard of PRObiotics, and even PREbiotics, but POSTbiotics? Is this just an attempt to trade on the ‘biotic craze or is there solid science around the potential for postbiotics to support digestive and immune health? Let’s find out… Contents […]

Cracking the Craving Code


Straining your eyes? You can listen to this automated AI version of the article here: Do you find that you’re always craving chocolate? Or maybe you’re more of a carbs person. Perhaps your vice is cheese, or coffee, or sweets. Don’t beat yourself up; it’s likely there’s more to your cravings than will-power alone. Strong […]

The Power of Pre and Probiotics: More Than Just Good for the Gut

Straining your eyes? You can listen to this automated AI version of the article here: Right now, there are more than 5,000 species of bacteria living within your gut! In fact, the intestinal microbiota is a delicate, and individual, balance of bacteria, archaea, viruses, protists, and fungi. Made up of seemingly beneficial and not-so-beneficial microbes, […]

Love Your Skin – on the Inside and Out

5 Steps to Good Health Sleep

We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat” but have you heard that “beautiful skin requires commitment?” Both these quotes ring true. Good health and well-being is more than how we exercise and what we eat. The skin is the largest organ we have, and it reflects our internal health including our […]

How to support your gut health

The quality of our digestion, including our gut lining and the microbes living in our gut, can affect our mood, immune function, skin, weight or body composition, and overall health and wellbeing. Everyday diet and lifestyle choices can influence the quality of our digestion and the balance of microbes that live there. A healthy gut is […]

How to check your health according to your tongue

In traditional Chinese health practice, it is believed each area of the tongue corresponds to different organs of the body. The front of the tongue is directed to the lungs and heart; the middle, to the spleen and stomach; the sides, to the liver and gall bladder; and the back, to the kidneys, small intestine, […]

Had a gutsful? How to support your gut health.


Home to tens-of-millions of micro-organisms the gut is often referred to as the body’s ‘second brain’, as with the brain, the gut impacts virtually every system in the body. The ecosystem of microbes, mostly bacterial, that resides inside the gut affects digestion, absorption, and the metabolism of nutrients. It also impacts our growth, development, energy […]