Need to relax? Fast-acting magnesium might help. 

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Stressed out or can’t sleep? You’re not alone. In fact, many people regularly experience sleeping difficulties and most adults have felt stressed to the point it had an impact on their daily life. If that’s not enough to keep you up at night, consider this: stress and poor sleep patterns are often intertwined. Worrisome days […]

9 Reasons you need magnesium

Involved in over 300 processes within the body, magnesium plays an essential role in our everyday lives. For many New Zealander’s, it can be difficult to obtain magnesium from the diet alone, as our modern diet contains low levels of the essential mineral. As we navigate through the stressors of everyday life, our need for […]

The benefits of magnesium

Stressed? Exhausted? Worried? Can’t Sleep? For those battling all these problems on a daily basis, read on to find out how magnesium could just be the game-changer you’ve been seeking… To battle daytime stress, poor sleep and exhaustion, the nervous system needs to be nourished and balanced. Sometimes our multi-tasking, fast-paced lives can become overwhelming. […]

The Link Between Lung Function and Magnesium

Magnesium is an important mineral needed by every organ in the body (especially the heart, muscles, and kidneys) but research is showing that magnesium may also support lung health. There has been significant research to tie low levels of magnesium to increased symptoms as well as a higher risk of dysfunction. Studies have shown that […]

Daylight-saving time is here! How to help your family transition seamlessly.

Straining your eyes? You can listen to this automated AI version of the article here: Contents 1. Get outside 2. Control the light 3. Look to magnesium for extra support 4. Use herbal remedies Daylight-saving time has been a bit of a hot topic for a while. When it comes around there’s always the debate about […]

Help Joints Stay Active

Stiff joints can affect mobility and quality of life. In many cases, wear and tear, particularly on the big, load-bearing joints – hips and knees, is blamed for lack of joint comfort; however, new research is suggesting that many are lacking the tools, for example, nutrition and sleep, to support the cartilage in recovering from […]

3 ways of spotting magnesium deficiency in your kids

Straining your eyes? You can listen to this automated AI version of the article here: Contents Scenario #1: They are grumpy or irritable Scenario #2: They are up late complaining about cramps Scenario #3: They are anxious about school and other things It’s estimated that up to 75% of the population could be lacking in […]

10 signs that you’re magnesium deficient

Straining your eyes? You can listen to this automated AI version of the article here: Contents You struggle to get your shuteye You often experience muscle tension You’re prone to getting severe tension in the head and scalp You’re lethargic and irritable during the day You experience twitching eyelids You’re affected by bone weakness You […]